About us

Paris-based brothers Julien Nguyen van Thuy and Clement Nguyen van Thuy are the driving force behind RVNS Music. Since 2017, they've been making waves with their infectious music, racking up over 5 million streams and landing features with Starbucks, Visit Korea, and Netflix. Their breakout hit, "Fake Love," is just a taste of the catchy tunes they create.

But RVNS Music is more than just the brothers' own sound. They're passionate about empowering the next generation of artists, offering production services to independent talents like the rising London singer Rhea Knight, whose debut single "Neon Nights" is about to hit the airwaves. Julien, a talented musician in his own right, also explores electronic soundscapes through his side project, JLNLDN, which found its roots on Soundcloud and is now making its way to Spotify.

So whether you're a fan rocking a cool RVNS tee, an artist seeking that production magic, or simply a music lover discovering the next big thing, RVNS Music has something for you.